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Public Net-Work E-Conference
October 15-29, 2003

"Public net-work" is the strategic use of information and communications technology to better implement established public policy goals and programs through direct and diverse online stakeholder involvement.  From direct citizen volunteer involvement at the local level to enhanced inter-governmental and NGO participation at the national level, "public net-work" is a new concept that redefines the role of government in the information age.

For more on this concept, and how it is different from e-democracy and online consultation, please review the new paper titled E-Democracy, E-Governance and Public Net-Work.

The "public net-work" concept was initially articulated for the OECD's Project on the Impact of E-Government by Steven Clift, a member of OECD's E-Government Associates Group. An updated version of his Public Network: Online Information Exchange in the Pursuit of Public Service Goals (Word - RTF) paper is available for download.

Registration - Space is Limited

This e-conference is limited to 30 participants.  It is designed specifically for public net-work practitioners - those using ICTs to involve and deeply inform stakeholders and citizens in the ongoing pursuit of public goals. 

In order to register, each participant must agree to provide a 500-750 word summary on their project or proposed "public net-work" project. Those interested in participating in this e-conference who are not directly involved with a qualifying project must identify and agree to provide a 500-1000 word case study on an existing public net-work project.  These documents will be shared among e-conference participants.  In exchange for your content contributions, this e-conference has no cost but your commitment to participate.

To start the registration process, send an e-mail to Steven Clift <> with your full contact details. Please include a paragraph on your project or the project you propose for your case study.  A suggested template for project summaries and case studies will be provided.

Question: Is this a "public net-work" project?

Because most interactive use of the Internet in governance has focused on citizen "input" or consultation, it is important to emphasize that "public net-work" assumes that major policy decisions have been made and the funding levels established. 

Governments (and NGOs, etc.) instead of operating as sole providers of service, instead _publicly_ network stakeholders with similar goals online in order to help them all more effectively achieve their public missions.  Governments often make ideal "hosts" because many non-profit organizations are competing for resources despite their shared goals or missions.  Technologically, "Public net-work" projects are a hybrid among public online consultations, "closed" or "restricted" online inter-governmental information sharing networks, and online communities.

Those involved in limited membership networks are welcome to participate in this e-conference based on the above requirements if your organization is considering options to develop public (open to all) components in your online system.  Your experience and lessons are important.  Questions? Contact Steven Clift <>.

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