E-Democracy E-Book:
Democracy is Online 2.0
By Steven Clift
Online Strategist and Public Speaker 
Editor, Democracies Online Newswire

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E-Democracy E-Book - Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
Online Voting – Just Part of Democracy Online
Democracy Online is Participatory
2 - Government Online - E-Government Representatives and Decision-making Online
Leading Government Online Support for Democracy Examples
Policy and Research Agenda
3 - Media Online and the .Com World Election News and Information and Online
Policy and Research Agenda
4 - Candidates and Political Parties Online After the Election - Still Campaigning?
Research and Lessons
5 - Advocacy Online

6 - The Private Sector and Internet Infrastructure

Free E-mail Lists
Open Source for Democracy
Open Standards – Information Sharing and Geographic Relevancy
7 - Building Civic Life Online Minnesota E-Democracy - Moving the Model Forward
Minnesota Forums
8 – Conclusion - Now the Big Picture, Make that the Bigger Picture Democracies Online - An Incremental Contribution
Let’s Create The Public Internet
Public Internet Consortium